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Party poker app not working

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Gamenight bingo

The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation is excited to announce they will be hosting a keno jackpot winner monthly game night at The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming.Game Boards are limited and are first come first serve.Reservations are Recommended and may be limited to dining

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Civilisation 5 theming bonus

You may as well be playing a blind character.
Races with Darkvision (9, 14 if counting subraces Dwarves (Both Hill Mountain) Elves (All 3; High, Wood, and Drow Gnomes (All 3; Forest, Rock Deep Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Tieflings, Genasi (Fire Eladrin, Aasimar.
I mean literally everything: Death Knight, Ghost, Ghast, Ghoul, Lich, Mummy, Revenant, Skeleton, Vampire, Wight, Wraith, even the damn Zombie.
The only major races I could find that didn't have darkvision other than the ones above, are Merfolk, Lizardmen, Lycanthrobes, Pixies and Gith.
It destroys the point in having candles, lanterns, the light spell, and so many more utilities.What we've got is a situation where Humans and Halflings are effectively blind.Well darkness again means nothing as the following again all have darkvision: Sahuagin, Yuan-Ti, Merrow, Kuo-Tao (Frogmen Slaad.Again, darkness is incidental: Every single breed of Angel, Demon and Devil had darkvision (most have superior darkvision) or truesight; so hiding is pointless.Well, Gryphons and Yetis both have darkvision!Is your campaign set in a swamp, jungle, at sea, or around water; a chance to use those amphibious or water based monsters.Magically being able to see with your eyes, light sensory organs, in the absence of light.Surely others agree that giving practically every race on the planet darkvision is pretty dickish.All the old "Greek Legend" monsters, such as the Medusa, Hags, Minotaur etc.Because that makes sense.Myconids are mushroom people, really cool monsters, with darkvision.Remember also that Drow and Deep Gnomes have superior Darkvision!

Which let's them see 120ft in darkness and discern colour in darkness.
So then the question remains, what about all the creatures from the Underdark and similar areas (dependent on setting your Beholders, Mind Flayers, Duergers, Drow, Quaggoths, Deep Gnomes and more.
And Merfolk are one of the few races that it milloin maksetaan s bonukset would make sense for them to have darkvision because it's very dark in deep water.
Well, they all have superior Darkvision!All Golems, and pretty much every construct has darkvision.Considering the Players Handbook, Players Companion, and Dungeon Masters Guide there are the following races with and without Darkvision, that are currently playable.Hell, even the damn Stone Giant has darkvision.Well, all Elves and Eladrin already have darkvision, but then there's Nymphs, Formorian, Umber Hulk and Oni who all have darkvision too.What makes Human and Halfling eyes so utterly?So do all Elementals, and all Mephits; so pretty much every creature a Wizard might summon.(and this is not an exhaustive list).Well, what about deep dungeons, or more obscure creatures.How is that right?